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I’m Angela Hauck & I am so excited to be linking arms with Macro Plus Meals! I run an international online coaching business that specializes in counting macros and flexible dieting.

The premise behind this diet is…
Instead of only eating certain ‘good’ or ‘clean’ foods and excluding everything else, which can lead to binging and massive weight regain post diet, 
you eat much of what you like. You target specific macronutrient (protein, carb, fat) intakes, but your food choices are more flexible. 

Personally, I love ice cream. Instead of having a crazy cheat day…when I get a craving, I simply have a single serving, satisfy my craving,
and account for it in my macronutrient intake.

No ‘cheat’ mentality.  No binge.  No feeling guilty afterward.  No impulse to drag myself to the treadmill to do extra cardio to pay for my sins.  

I’ve seen flexible dieting consistently work over time with people and in many cases, I’ve seen it save people who’ve had their lives demolished by
eating disorders.

If you’re not sure what your “macros” should be, I’d be happy to provide you with customized macro calculations.
I also offer on-going macro coaching so that you have accountability, support & adjustments as needed.

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